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Welcome to Fuzion Fitness Horsham

Hi! My name is Tim Santamaria and welcome to Fuzion Fitness, Horsham's largest personal training studio.

Visualising yourself in your new body and the fantastic feelings it brings is the best way to become and stay motivated in achieving your goals. Now before we discuss your new health and fitness program I want you to try something for me. Close your eyes and imagine you’re looking into a mirror and seeing yourself in your new body. What are you thinking? What outfit are you wearing? How are feeling physically and mentally? How do you feel about what you are seeing? What difference has it made to your business and personal life?

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s get started...

Here at Fuzion Fitness we do not sell workouts, that's not what we are about. Our goal is to teach you how to train for only a handful of hours a week, how to eat lots of delicious food and have the body you've always wanted. But more importantly, we teach you how to implement these into your busy lifestyle so you can do it all yourself. 



Our Results

I have always struggled with my weight ever since I was a teen. I've tried so many different diets, shakes and pills that always failed and I never really understood the real term to weight loss ..